The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) was established in 1991 and administers the Standards Act No. 14 of 1990 (Chapter 13.25) & the Metrology Act  No. 17 of 2000 (Chapter 13.18) The SLBS is governed by a Standards Council appointed by the Minister in the Department of  Commerce, Industry, Investment, Enterprise Development and Consumer …

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Human Resource and Training

The Human Resource Management & Training Department is charged with the responsibility for managing the personal and career development of the Bureau’s employees.  This is achieved through the strategic recruitment and selection of personnel, performance management and the provision and management of training and development opportunities.  The Department is also responsible for coordinating special events, …

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Finance and Administration

Finance Department is responsible for planning, directing and organizing the financial operations of the Bureau.  The department provides management with information that assists in making various decisions.  The role can encompass many duties including: Accounts Management Budget preparation Procurement & supplier relation Audit preparation Business analysis

Communication Services

The Information Services Department is responsible for disseminating information on standards and standards-related activities. The Department is also responsible for the provision of other communication and marketing services related to the promotion of SLBS’s work. The Information Services Department provides a number of services to its clients in order for them to have easier access to …

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Metrology is the science of measurement. The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards administers the Metrology Act No. 17 of 2000 and the Metrology Regulations No. 113 of 2001. Our metrology legislation is derived from recommendations of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) and is therefore WTO compliant. This legislation gives the Bureau responsibility to regulate all …

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The Certification Department is responsible for the SLBS Certification Programme which forms part of the conformity assessment system of SLBS.  It is a national certification programme which provides assurance that products, services and processes meet national standards/specifications.The programme was developed to improve the quality, competitiveness of the products and services produced in Saint Lucia. The …

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CSCP: Import Monitoring This component involves the monitoring of all products imported into St. Lucia for which compulsory standards have been adopted. It helps prevent the entry of goods, which are likely to be a danger to consumers and the environment. These currently include: Packaged Water Cigarettes Household electrical appliances Tyres (new/used) Labels of prepackaged …

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Standards Development

The Standards Development Department (SDD) is responsible for the development and maintenance of national standards and the formulation of national positions on  regional and international standardization issues.. The Department manages and coordinates the work of various technical committees, comprised of  representatives of relevant stakeholder groups and technical experts, that  contribute to the overall development of …

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