The SLBS Product Certification Programme provides the foundation for granting a license to use the national mark of conformity known as the Saint Lucia Standard Mark. The Saint Lucia Standard Mark on a product is a quality seal indication that the product complies with regionally and internationally accepted National Standards, and that the supplier maintains an efficient and appropriate quality management system.

The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) is the only institution on island that operates a product certification scheme providing 3rd party verification for products and services for which national standards specifications exist. This National Certification Programme is executed under the Standards Act No. 14 of 1990 and accompanying Regulations, No. 10 of 2000. The scheme is coordinated and managed by the Certification Department of SLBS. The programme is conducted in accordance with the requirements of ISO Guide 28 – Conformity Assessment – Guidance on a third party certification system for products and ISO Guide 65 – General requirements for bodies operating product certification systems.

Criteria for Certification under the Product Certification – Use of the Standard Mark Programme are as follows:

(a) Evidence of the conformance of the product to the specifications outlined in by the relevant Saint Lucia National Standard (s)

(b) Evidence of a Quality Management System in place

(c) Adherence to the Terms and Conditions for Certification and the Service Agreement 

1.Standard Mark Brochure

2.Application for Standard Mark