Public Comments on Draft Saint Lucia National Standards

The following draft standards are being proposed for adoption as Saint Lucia National Standards:

The deadline date for comment on the above standards is Monday 28th February 2022.

The deadline for comments on the above standards is Monday 7th  March 2022.

In the process leading to the adoption of standards, the comments of stakeholders and the general public are solicited to identify and address areas of concern and to ensure that consensus on these standards is achieved. We are therefore seeking comments on the above.
Accordingly, the afore-mentioned standards or the one with interest to you or your organization are attached for the perusal and comments from all with interest.

Where it is an identical adoption of the IEC, ISO, ASTM and CRS standards for circulation, the full texts of the standards are not available for mass circulation. Persons with interest may make a request for a print copy of the text from the Standards Development Department to