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SLBS TC 1 - National CODEX and Food Safety
SLBS TC 2 - Agricultural Products and Practices
SLBS TC 3 - Chemicals and Chemical Products
SLBS TC 4 - Construction and Engineering
SLBS TC 5 - Environmental Management
SLBS TC 6 - Tourism
SLBS TC 7 - Advertising
SLBS TC 8 - Metrology
SLBS TC 9 - Telecommunications
SLBS TC 10 - Mechanical Engineering Products and Practices
SLBS TC 11 - Blood Bank and Transfusion Services
SLBS TC 12 - Furniture
SLBS TC 13 - Electrical Products and Electronics
SLBS TC 14 - General Consumer Products
SLBS TC 15 - Beauty and Wellness
SLBS TC 16 - Early Childhood Development
SLBS TC 17 - Social Responsibility

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