DNS/ISO 30500:2018 Public comments

Non-sewered sanitation system– prefabricated integrated treatment units — General safety and performance requirements for design and testing […]

DNS/ISO 19867-1:2018 Public comments

Clean cook stoves and clean cooking solutions harmonized laboratory test protocols– Part 1: standard test sequence for emissions and performance, safety and durability […]

DNS/ISO 9359:1989 Public comments

Air quality – Stratified sampling method for assessment of ambient air quality […]

DNS/ISO 17741:2016 Public comments

General technical rules for measurement, calculation and verification of energy savings of projects […]

DNS/ISO 16304 Public comments

Ships and marine technology — Marine environment protection — Arrangement and management of port waste reception facilities […]

DNS/ISO 5667-21:2010 Public comments

Water quality — Sampling — Part 21: Guidance on sampling of drinking water distributed by tankers or means other than distribution pipes […]

DNS/ISO 10210:2012 Public comments

Plastics — Methods for the preparation of samples for biodegradation testing of plastic materials […]