SLBS Adopts Measures to Ensure Compliant Motor Vehicles

The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards will implement a vehicle pre-shipment inspection programme for used motor vehicles and a pre-entry verification programme for new motor vehicles.  The initiatives will be incorporated into existing Compulsory Standards Compliance Programme (CSCP) and will eliminate the entry of non-compliant vehicles into the market.

The new measure will address issues related to the importation of defective vehicles and reduce the impact of the disposal of non-compliant ones on the environment. Consumers will have valuable information about their purchase, be able to receive compliant vehicles which are free of radiation and the elimination of deceptive practices such as fraudulent alteration of mileage.

The programme will officially start on the 1st May 2022. As such, both new and used motor vehicles entering Saint Lucia after the commencement date will require the requisite conformity assessment certificate or declaration. Where for any reason, the conformity certificate is unavailable, the vehicle will be inspected locally by SLBS.

Consumers will have no direct interaction with the programme, and it will not replace existing requirements for the vehicle registration process with the Department of Transport.