SLNS/ISO 18400-102:2017


Soil quality — Sampling — Part 102: Selection and application of sampling techniques

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ISO 18400-102:2017 gives guidelines for techniques for taking samples so that these can subsequently be examined for the purpose of providing information on soil quality. It gives information on equipment that is typically applicable in particular sampling situations to enable correct sampling procedures to be carried out and representative samples to be collected. Guidance is given on the selection of the equipment and the techniques to use to enable both disturbed and undisturbed samples to be correctly taken at different depths.
ISO 18400-102:2017 does not cover:
– investigations for geotechnical purposes, though where redevelopment of a site is envisaged, the soil quality investigation and the geotechnical investigation may sometimes be beneficially combined;
– sampling of hard strata such as bedrock;
– methods for the collection of information on soil quality without taking samples such as geophysical methods;
– collection of water samples (these are to be collected in accordance with appropriate International Standards on ground or surface water sampling; for further information, see the ISO 5667 series);
– investigations of soil gas about which guidance is provided in ISO 18400‑204;
– investigation of radioactively contaminated sites.
NOTE 1 “Sampling technique” is defined in ISO 11074.
NOTE 2 Guidance on the investigation and assessment of radioactivity in soils is provided in the ISO 18589 series.