SLNS/ISO 13300-2:2006


Sensory analysis — General guidance for the staff of a sensory evaluation laboratory — Part 2: Recruitment and training of panel leaders

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ISO 13300-1:2006 provides guidance on staff functions in order to improve the organization of a sensory evaluation laboratory, to optimize the use of personnel, and to improve the efficiency of sensory tests.

It is applicable to any organization planning to establish a formal structure for sensory evaluation. The main aspects to be considered are the education, background and professional competence of staff members, and the responsibilities of staff members at three different functional levels: sensory manager; sensory analyst or panel leader; panel technician.

These guidelines are valid for all different types of sensory evaluation laboratories, in particular those in industry, in research and development organizations, in service organizations and in the field of official authorities concerned with product control. In principle, it can be assumed that the sensory evaluation laboratory can perform all types of sensory tests. This means analytical tests such as discrimination tests, descriptive analysis (sensory profile), as well as consumer tests (e.g. hedonic tests). The individual profile of sensory activities of an organization determines the boundaries and conditions to be considered for planning and implementing the sensory evaluation laboratory and its staff.

The application of this guidance by the organization is flexible and depends on the needs and possibilities within an organization. For example, personnel might not be available for three levels of staff function and, thus, the duties can be divided among staff accordingly. Also, in a staff of two persons the technical/scientific functions can be shared between a person handling the administrative/management functions and the individual handling the operational functions.

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