SLNS 49: 2013


Safety Aspects – Guidelines for Child Safety (ISO/IEC Guide 50: 2002, Idt)

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This standard provides a framework for addressing potential sources of unintentional physical
harm (hazards) to children from products, processes or services that they use or with which
they may come into contact, even if they are not specifically intended for children. The
framework aims at minimizing risk of injury to children.
It is primarily intended for those involved in the preparation and revision of standards.
However, it has important information that can be useful to, amongst others, designers,
architects, manufacturers, service providers, communicators and policy makers.
For children with special needs, additional requirements may be appropriate. This Guide does
not claim to address those additional requirements in full. ISO/IEC Guide 71 addresses the
needs of persons with disabilities.
A product may include goods, structures, buildings, installations or a combination of these.
No specific guidance is given in this Guide for the prevention or reduction of psychological
or moral harm or of intentional injuries.

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