SLNS 47: 2011


Requirements for the Marking and labelling of Gas Cylinders

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This standard specifies the requirements for the labelling and marking of industrial and domestic
gas cylinders for identification of contents and associated hazards. It covers fixed or portable
cylinders intended for the storage or transport of compressed gases.
This standard does not cover:
a) fire extinguishers or aerosol dispensers and cylinders;
b) containers that are pressurized for the purpose of transporting solids or liquids, e.g.
cylinders pressurized with air for the transport of cement;
c) cylinders that form part of the working mechanism of a vehicle e.g. a compressed air tank
for a compressed air braking system;
d) gas cylinders intended for use on aircraft or sea going vessels (other than barges and
fixed or floating platforms used in the petroleum and other industries); and
e) medical gas cylinders.
It should not be assumed that every applicable safety precaution is contained in this standard.