*SLNS 24: 2015


Specification for Wheat Flour

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This national standard is applicable to wheat flour (also called flour, white flour, or enriched flour) that is intended for human consumption, made from clean, sound and marketable grades of millable wheat grains of the species Triticum aestivum L. (common wheat) or from Triticum compactum Host. (club wheat).
This national standard is not applicable to:
a) any product made from durum wheat (hard wheat, T. durum Desf.);
b) whole wheat flour, whole meal flour or semolina made from common wheat or club wheat, or mixtures thereof;
c) wheat flour to be used in brewing, for the production of starch or gluten, or for nonfood use;
d) wheat flour in which the protein content has been reduced;
e) wheat flour subjected to special treatments other than bleaching or drying; or
f) wheat flour containing ingredients not mentioned in 5.2 of this standard (such as selfrising flour).

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