1.1 This national standard specifies the requirements for the labelling of garments and textiles sold in Saint Lucia whether locally made or imported.
1.2 It is applicable to labels and descriptions to be used on garments classified as:
a) diapers
b) gloves, mittens and mitts
c) handkerchiefs
d) headgear
e) hosiery
f) neckwear
g) school uniforms
h) swimwear
i) waterproof rainwear and
j) all other garments.
1.3 It is also applicable to:
a) labels which are to accompany textiles sold at retail or wholesale outlets;
b) all household textile articles and other textile goods of a type customarily used in institutions and households;
EXAMPLE Draperies, floor coverings, furnishings, beddings, kitchen towels, bath towels, curtains and chair backs.
c) textiles sold by length, including narrow fabrics as well as threads and cordage; and
d) articles used for stuffing, filling or padding.