The Certification Department is responsible for the SLBS Certification Programme which forms part of the conformity assessment system of SLBS.  It is a national certification programme which provides assurance that products, services and processes meet national standards/specifications.The programme was developed to improve the quality, competitiveness of the products and services produced in Saint Lucia.

The Department also issues a

Certificate of Free Sale which provides testimony that the sale of a particular product is not in contravention of the Standards Act and Regulations, and other National Legislation.

The Barcode Generation Service is another service for which the department is responsible.

The Department is responsible for maintaining and coordinating the SLBS quality management system.

Certification is a third-party attestation related to products, processes, systems or persons.  Attestation is the issue of a statement, based on decision following review that fulfilment of specified requirement has been demonstrated.

Generally a certification programme offers assurance to the consumer and third party verification to the producer that a particular product or process meets the requirements of a standard or specification.It must be noted that the programme does not absolve participants from meeting the statutory and regulatory requirements pertaining to the product or process.

Our Certification Programmes are all voluntary, however, a sector grouping can make the programme mandatory through sector regulations, and a government can choose to do so through legislation.

The scope of the SLBS Certification programme is product and process certification.

Benefits associated with the programme include:

o     Customer satisfaction and repeat business

o     Increased profitability

o     Greater competitiveness

o     Less wastage

o     Reduced costs

o     High productivity

The programme is administered under the guiding principles of:

o Impartiality

o Confidentiality

o Transparency and openness

o Competence

o Responsibility

o Resolution of complaints

The Certification Department of SLBS administers the following programmes:

  1. Product Certification Programmes
  2. Food – Agroprocessors Certification Programme
  3. HACCP Recognition Programme
  4. Baker’s Certification Programme
  5. Beauty & Wellness Certification Programme

SLBS Quality Logo is issued under our certification programmes for processes and services.

This Logo signifies that the service/ process is being delivered/conducted with a level of Quality based on the requirements of the applicable standards.

Establishments meeting the requirements for the Certification of their Process/Service will be required to sign an agreement with the SLBS for use of the SLBS Quality Logo, before issuance of the Certificate of Quality which will carry the Quality Logo.

The Introduction of the Quality Logo associated with our Certification programmes work to:

  1. Help manufacturers and service providers demonstrate their commitment to quality and
  2. Provides third party validated proof to consumers that requirements of standards are being met.

Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards – List of Certified Clients