The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards will be hosting a multi-sectoral meeting for heads of its technical committees for discussion on the increased adoption of international standards under the Commonwealth Standards Network project (CSN) being undertaken here in collaboration with the British Standards Institute BSI and funded by the UK Government.

The project which was launched in October 2018 has six components, national quality infrastructure, legal approximation, standardization, certification, standards awareness and metrology.   The SLBS is the lead agency in the coordination of a work programme across all economic and social sectors to be impacted by the implementation of the CSN.

The first of a series of meetings will be held on Tuesday February 12th at 9:30am on an agenda to promote an increase of national adoptions of International Standards in respect to ISO, IEC and CODEX. The meeting will introduce the standards development component of the project and provide information on the impact on the work of committees, define their role as well as to gather feedback on the approach and methodology to be used for the adoption of the International Standards. 

The meeting will be facilitated by BSI Consultant, Trevor Vyze, who has responsibility for the Standards Development component of the project.

For further information please call Vernet Fontenelle 453-0049/720-8756 or email