DNS/ISO/TR 13054: 2012


Status: Public comments
Start date: 20240718
End date: 20240916

This Technical Report describes a standards knowledge management (SKM) methodology and metadata to  support the easy identification of the existence of a health informatics standard, its developmental status,  and its associated Standards Development Organization (SDO). In particular, it describes a knowledge-based  navigation methodology to enable rapid appreciation of the contextual roles and purposes of a standard,  including the relationship between one standard and others, particularly in the same standards domain.  

This Technical Report also gives information about the design of tools to support knowledge management of  health informatics standards. 

This Technical Report is intended for use by: 

a) health informatics standards developers and standards development organizations; 

b) developers, implementers and managers of health information systems, clinical information systems and  clinical decision support systems; 

c) all users of health information systems clinical data, such as health statisticians, researchers, public health  agencies, health insurance providers, health risk organizations, data analysts and data managers. 

Possible cases where it might be used include: 

1) supporting the discovery and contextual understanding of relevant standards by system implementers  and policy makers; 

2) supporting the discovery of standards with those wishing to identify which standards do or do not exist  to cover a particular subject area; 

3) supporting standards developers and working groups to identify subject areas in which there are gaps  in available standards; 

4) assisting those formulating a New Work Item Proposal to specify a scope that avoids overlap with  other standards or omissions in the coverage of a subject area; 

5) helping member bodies to verify the need for a proposed new work item; 

6) enabling those promoting or educating on the use of standards to develop resources that focus  coherently on a portfolio of related standards. 

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