DNS/ISO 50007:2017

Energy services -- Guidelines for the assessment and improvement of the energy service to users

Committee: SLBS TC 05
Status: Public comments
Start date: 20191014
End date: 20200113

ISO 50007:2017 addresses the relevant elements of energy service provided by energy suppliers to users. It envisages energy service as including two broad categories:
· energy supply/generation and distribution;
· advice on and improvement to energy efficiency.
ISO 50007:2017 provides best practice guidelines for energy service providers in order to continually improve their practices and quality of interaction with users.
The following are within the scope of ISO 50007:2017:
· definition of a language common to the different stakeholders;
· definition of key components and characteristics of the energy service to users, with respect to their needs and expectations;
· guidelines for satisfying users’ needs and expectations;
· assessment criteria for energy service to users;
· introduction to performance indicators;
· examples of performance indicators;
· performance improvement;
· education or training for users to understand the energy service provided by the energy service providers.
The following are outside the scope of ISO 50007:2017:
· topics relating to individual energy service, such as energy efficiency service provided to individual users of energy or services provided by energy service companies (ESCOs);
· methods of design and construction of energy production, transmission and distribution systems;
· management structure and methodology of operation and management of activities relating to energy services, including contracting with other energy service providers;
· topics relating to energy services in systems inside buildings.

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