DNS/ISO 2450:2008

Cream -- Determination of fat content -- Gravimetric method (Reference method)

Committee: SLBS TC 01
Status: Public Comments
Start date: 14/10/2019
End date: 30/1/2020

ISO 2446¦IDF 226:2008 specifies a routine method (the Gerber method) for the determination of the fat content of milk and includes guidance on the determination of the appropriate capacity of the milk pipette and on the determination of the corrections to apply to the results if the milk is not of average fat content. The procedure for checking the capacity of the milk pipette is specified in an annex.

The method is applicable to liquid milk, whole or partially skimmed, raw or pasteurized. With modifications, details of which are given, it is also applicable to: milk containing certain preservatives; milk that has undergone the process of homogenization, in particular sterilized milk and ultra heat-treated (UHT) milk; and skimmed milk.