DNS/ISO 2171:2007

Cereals, pulses and by-products -- Determination of ash yield by incineration

Committee: SLBS TC 01
Status: Public Comments
Start date: 14/10/2019
End date: 30/1/2020

ISO 2171:2007 specifies a method for determining the ash yielded by cereals, pulses and their milled products intended for human consumption. The source materials covered are: a) grains of cereals; b) flours and semolinas; c) milled products (bran and high bran content products, sharps); d) mixed cereal flours (mixes); e) cereal by-products other than milled products; and f) pulses and their by-products.

ISO 2171:2007 is not applicable to starches and starch derivatives (see ISO 3593), to products intended for animal feeding stuffs (see ISO 5984), or to seeds.