DNS/ISO 21041: 2018

Guidance on unit pricing (ISO 21041: 2018, IDT)

Committee: SLBS TC 14
Status: Public comments
Start date: 20220105
End date: 20220307

This document gives principles and best practice guidelines for unit pricing displayed by written, printed or electronic means.
It includes guidance on
— the provision of unit price,
— units of measure used to express unit price including: weight, length, volume, count, area and other forms of measure,
— the display of unit price, and
— implementation, communication and education of consumers.
This document is applicable to any retailer, including supermarkets, hardware stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, automotive parts suppliers and pet product suppliers.
It is applicable to packaged and non-packaged food and consumer products where the price is displayed, including
— at point of sale, including in-store and online, and
— when relevant communications about the product are released (including advertising by electronic and printed formats).
This document excludes services and merchandise, such as clothing and electronic goods sold as a single item.

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