DNS/ISO 19867-1:2018

Clean cook stoves and clean cooking solutions harmonized laboratory test protocols-- Part 1: standard test sequence for emissions and performance, safety and durability

Committee: SLBS TC 05
Status: Public comments
Start date: 20191014
End date: 20200113

This document is applicable to cookstoves used primarily for cooking or water heating in domestic,
small-scale enterprise, and institutional applications, typically with firepower less than 20 kW and
cooking vessel volume less than 150 l, excluding cookstoves used primarily for space heating. For
solar cookstoves, the provisions of this document are applicable only for evaluating cooking power,
safety, and durability. Solar cookstoves have zero on-site emissions, and their cooking power can be
determined according to ASAE S 580.1. This document does not cover electric stoves. Safety evaluation
of electric stoves can be found in IEC 60335-2-6[62].

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