DNS/ISO 18400-201:2017

Soil quality -- Sampling -- Part 201: Physical pretreatment in the field

Committee: SLBS TC 05
Status: Public comments
Start date: 20191014
End date: 20200113

ISO 18400-201:2017 specifies methods for the pretreatment of samples that can be applied “in the field” directly after sampling. Pretreatment methods in this document are limited to:
– sample division methods aimed at reducing the size/volume of the sample;
– the production of composite samples;
– the selection of a specific fraction of the sampled material.
ISO 18400-201:2017
– does not apply to samples required for biological or microbiological examination,
– does not apply to soil materials sampled for the content of volatile components, and
NOTE 1 These soil materials are intended to be sampled according to ISO 22155.
-? does not give instructions for particle size reduction.
NOTE 2 Guidance for particle size reduction is given in ISO 11464, ISO 14507 and ISO 23909.

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