DNS/ISO 17743:2016

Energy savings -- Definition of a methodological framework applicable to calculation and reporting on energy savings

Committee: SLBS TC 05
Status: Public comments
Start date: 20191014
End date: 20200113

ISO 17743:2016 establishes a methodological framework that applies to the calculation and reporting of energy savings from existing (implemented) and prospective measures and actions which intend to save energy. This framework standard will be applicable to other standards in the field of energy saving determination.
ISO 17743:2016 addresses the following in the context of energy savings:
– terminology;
– definition of the system boundaries;
– principles for the determination of a baseline;
– principles for statistical indicator-based methods;
– data used;
– principles for reporting.
The development of the methodology for measurement and verification of the energy savings is not in the scope of this International Standard.
The methodology of construction of the scenarios for future energy saving measures and actions is not in the scope of this International Standard.

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