DNS/ISO 10943: 2023


Status: Public comments
Start date: 20240718
End date: 20240916

This document, together with ISO 15004-1 and ISO 15004-2, specifies minimum requirements and test  methods for hand-held, spectacle-type, and head-worn indirect ophthalmoscopes for observing indirect  images of the eye fundus. 

This document takes precedence over ISO 15004-1 and ISO 15004-2, if differences exist.

This document is not applicable to condensing lenses used for indirect ophthalmoscopy or to accessories. 

This document is not applicable to table-mounted instruments such as Gullstrand ophthalmoscopes  and their derivatives, nor to ophthalmoscopes primarily intended for image capture and/or processing  such as those based on scanning laser techniques. 

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