SLNS/BS 1363- 3: 1995+A4: 2012


13A Fused Plugs, Socket-Outlets, Adaptors and Connection Units – Specification for Adaptors

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This part of BS 1363 specifies requirements for adaptors having insulating sleeves on the line and neutral
plug pins and suitable for use with socket-outlets complying with BS 1363-2, with particular reference to
safety in normal use. Adaptors specified in this part of BS 1363 are intended for household, commercial and
light industrial purposes. The adaptors are suitable for the connection of portable appliances, sound-vision
equipment, luminaires, etc., in a.c. circuits only, operating at voltages not exceeding 250 V r.m.s. at 50 Hz.
Assemblies comprising a plug and one or more portable socket-outlets connected together by a flexible cord
or cable are not considered to be adaptors according to this part of BS 1363. Devices incorporating switches,
transformers, timers, thermostats or other control means are outside the scope of this part of BS 1363.