SLNS 83:2010


Guidelines for Recreational Water Quality

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1.1 These guidelines prescribe requirements for recreational water quality and apply to a
range of public and private recreational water environments, such as coastal, estuarine waters
and fresh water bodies in St. Lucia.
1.2 These guidelines also apply to any artificially constructed flow-through impoundment
using water from sources described previously.
1.3 Swimming pools are subject to specific management practices and regulations intended
to protect public health (for example disinfection standards) and are not covered by these
1.4 These guidelines are set for three main categories of recreational activity:
a) primary contact recreation – where the body can be fully immersed and there is the potential
to swallow water, and one is in direct contact with the water
EXAMPLE Swimming, diving, surfing
b) secondary contact recreation. There is direct contact with the water but the chance of
swallowing water is unlikely or limited
EXAMPLE Boating, fishing, wading
c) passive recreation- no contact with the water and includes scenic appreciation, walking,
picnicking, some sports, etc.

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